About AdvantageHope

Leading economic development in a vibrant community with an exceptional quality of life.

AdvantageHOPE & Hope, Cascades & Canyons

Our Vision

Leading economic development in a vibrant community with an exceptional quality of life.


Our purpose is to:

  1. Foster and develop a sustainable and diversified local economy for Hope and the surrounding region.
  2. Promote Hope, Cascades and Canyons as the best place to live, invest, relocate and do business.
  3. Foster regional economic development initiatives.
  4. Foster a viable economic development office with broad community input.
  5. Develop strategies and programs to encourage marketing opportunities and new investment beneficial to the economy.
  6. Work with the Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) to promote tourism initiatives.


Guide and influence development by attracting new residents, visitors and investors through tourism and outreach. Collaborate on local initiatives that focus on asset development, workforce development, business retention and expansion, and economic opportunities.


  1. Pride in community
  2. Positive and progressive approach to change and innovation
  3. Leadership and building partnerships

The Hope Business and Development Society, operating as AdvantageHOPE, is a non-profit society created and funded by the District of Hope to provide Economic Development and Tourism Services.

AdvantageHOPE is governed by a Board of Directors, appointed by the District of Hope, comprised of a broad cross-section of community stakeholders to ensure that diverse community interests are represented.

2016 – 2021 EC-Dev Strategy
5 Year Strategic Plan

Our Team

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Tourism Advisory Committee

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